Gravity Force Tour with Amelia

A couple of months ago we were sent an excitable video from a very loyal fan of Gravity Force called Amelia.

In this video which was shared both over Instagram and Facebook Amelia is seen jumping up and down on her bed (Much like a trampoline!) while yelling “I LOVE GRAVITY FORCE AND I WANT TO LIVE THERE” – Adorable is truly an understatement for the video that can be found here

There are a lot of boys and girls out there who haven’t yet heard of Gravity Force, so we decided to bring in Amelia to give everyone a tour of the park for our YouTube channel.

She did an absolutely fantastic job. In this minute and a half video featured on our YouTube channel you can join Amelia and she explores the cushony soft wonderland that is Gravity Force! Showcasing all areas of the park. From main court, to the foam pit, basketball, dodgeball, the tumble tracks & more! – She truly did an incredible job.

The full version of Amelia’s trampoline park tour can be found here