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Gravity Blog

Joe Weller Visits Gravity Force

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting YouTube superstar and all around lad ‘Joe Weller’ earlier this week! Joe Weller is a YouTuber/Music Producer who has amassed over 2,300,000 subscribers and 300,000,000 views.

It was an absolutely fantastic evening that ended in a few rounds of intense trampoline dodgeball pitting Joe Weller & co off against the Gravity Force staff.

If you’re looking to check out Joe’s majestic swanton bomb into our foam pit be sure to head over to Instagram

Gravity Force Champion Trampoline Park Safety

Gravity Force continues to champion trampoline park safety in the UK with our vigorous safety procedures, policies and practices combined with the high level of staff training we provide to all of our employees.

In our recent yearly review we’ve been praised for our outstanding commitment to maintaining high safety standards by Surrey county council’s environmental health department.

This is being noted not only throughout the local community, but also on a national level as other trampoline park operators across the United Kingdom are being instructed by their local environmental health departments to come and visit the Camberley Park to learn from our refined procedures and practices.

Gravity Force is excited to be at the forefront of refining the industry standards for trampoline park safety. We continue to work with the UK’s top providers to develop rigorous standards for trampoline parks across the UK.

Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy and Callux visit

We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Wroetoshaw, Callux and Calfreezy. Three absolutely huge YouTubers with a combined following of over 6.8 million subscribers. We were contacted by Wroetoshaw with the interest to shoot his next video down at Gravity Force, it was a very exciting time for the team as a lot of the members are quite loyal fans of his YouTube videos.

We knew straight away that this would be a fantastic way to showcase Gravity Force to the masses and that it was time to pull out all the stops to ensure the day ran smoothly.

We enlisted the help of 17 fully trained members of staff along with 7 parkour professionals from the group known as 3RUN. All in all we had 24 experienced individuals on site to help co-ordinate shots, stunts and just ensure that the day ran smoothly.

It was 2 hours of pure madness. All sorts of crazy stunts where being performed across the park, but all in a controlled and professional environment. The end result was a video that has already been viewed by over a million people. That number alone is mind blowing.

Everyone involved had an absolutely fantastic time. We hope to work with a wide variety of content creators in the future to continue to make high quality content that showcases Gravity Force in all it’s glory.

The video has already amassed over 3.1 MILLION views. A link to the video can be found here

Gravity Force Tour with Amelia

A couple of months ago we were sent an excitable video from a very loyal fan of Gravity Force called Amelia.

In this video which was shared both over Instagram and Facebook Amelia is seen jumping up and down on her bed (Much like a trampoline!) while yelling “I LOVE GRAVITY FORCE AND I WANT TO LIVE THERE” – Adorable is truly an understatement for the video that can be found here

There are a lot of boys and girls out there who haven’t yet heard of Gravity Force, so we decided to bring in Amelia to give everyone a tour of the park for our YouTube channel.

She did an absolutely fantastic job. In this minute and a half video featured on our YouTube channel you can join Amelia and she explores the cushony soft wonderland that is Gravity Force! Showcasing all areas of the park. From main court, to the foam pit, basketball, dodgeball, the tumble tracks & more! – She truly did an incredible job.

The full version of Amelia’s trampoline park tour can be found here