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Our fitness programmes consist of a variety of classes all on the trampoline beds that will really get you energised. You burn more calories bouncing for 10 minutes than you do jogging for 30 without the strain on your joints!

You must be 16 or over to participate. Classes cost just £7.50!

G-force Intensity
Monday 9.30am
Body weight circuit exercise class combining an aerobic workout and resistance training. Great for fat burning and cardiovascular fitness.
G-force Urban Rebound
Tuesday 6.30pm,
Thursday 9.30am and 6.30pm and Saturday 9.00am
The original trampoline exercise class, get fit whilst having fun and minimising stress on the joints.
G-force Combat
Friday 9.30am
Urban Rebound with a kick! This urban rebound come boxercise class incorporates all the best of urban rebound with a martial arts twist.

Please Note You Must Complete A Par-Q To Attend Our Fitness Classes

Remember you must have a waiver to jump! If you arrive and your waiver isn’t complete we will not be able to admit you. If you don’t have a waiver already please hit the waiver button below.

Call 0845 498 9049 to make a booking