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Inclusive and Adaptive

Gravity Force welcomes adults and children with special needs and runs a discounted session every Tuesday at 12-1pm during term time.
We understand that not everyone can always attend this session and that questions may be raised to whether a standard Gravity Jump Session would be suitable, here is our advice.
Everyone attending must watch a safety briefing and be able to follow some simple instructions, for example: no running, one person per trampoline at all times etc.  If you are unable to watch the video or follow instructions then attending during our peak sessions is not advisable.
We would recommend anyone not able to follow instruction or guidance attend the Adaptive Session.
Gravity Jump Sessions can be very busy at the weekends, this is our peak time. If noisy and busy situations lead to feelings of anxiety then this may not be the right time to attend, we’d recommend visiting during the week, in the afternoon or evening.
Music is played during a Gravity Jump Session, this is played at a reasonable volume as it fills a very large area and helps create an atmosphere and experience for our jumpers.  We wouldn’t be able to adjust the volume at our peak times but we could make it more comfortable during the week, subject to request and session attendance.
Carers are admitted free of charge and they must be booked in with the person they are caring for to ensure a space is allocated.
If a booking is made online please give us a call and we can add the carer to the booking.
Carers must also complete a waiver, watch the safety briefing and be seen to be caring at all times.
Carers must not leave the participant unattended to free bounce.
If you are not able to stand unaided to bounce we recommend attending the Adaptive session only.  Our safety briefing for Gravity Jump advises all participants not to sit or rest on the trampoline area, therefore it is not advisable for those who need to remain seated on a trampoline to attend during busy/peak sessions.

Disabled Access Details

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تعليم شراء وبيع الاسهم • Wheelchair Accessible with Assistance موقع لمعفة بيع و شراء الذهب • Wheelchair Accessible Toilet اسهم الاسمنت الحلال • Accessible Ramp to Main Spectator Area

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دورة فوركس Please note that if you’re having a party at Gravity Force and one of your guests requires wheelchair assistance please inform us when making your booking.

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