NEW – Gravity Force Coaching Sessions

(in partnership with AiM Sports Academy)

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What is it?

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اسعار الذهب فى السعودية اليوم In partnership with AiM Sports Academy, Gravity Force is offering Trampolining and Parkour coaching sessions these summer holidays. Each session is delivered by qualified AiM Sports Academy Coaches and participants will learn tangible skills in trampolining and parkour building towards a showcase of routines. Perfect for complete novices and those with more experience, our coaches will adapt and focus on the skill level of each participant to meet their needs. All coaches are passionate and thrive off seeing the success of the participants within each session they deliver.

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moving averages strategy forex There are limited spaces per session so be quick to secure your session space. سوق الاسهم السعودي التداول

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What are the key details?

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  • Trampolining & Parkour Coaching @ Camberley & St Albans / Trampolining Coaching @ Sunderland.
  • Every Wednesday & Thursday @ Camberley
  • Every Monday & Tuesday @ St Albans
  • Every Thursday & Friday @ Sunderland
  • From 24th July to 1st September
  • All sessions from 2-4pm
  • Ages 8-16
  • Cost £18 @ Camberley & St Albans / £15 @ Sunderland per person per session

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